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Chain wear

To keep your service costs down but mainly to keep your gears shifting nicely check your chain wear regularly.
A chain wear checker is only a few pounds and it allows you to keep an eye on chain wear

and replace the chain when it gets to a certain wear mark.
This means that you could run up to 3-4 chains before you need to then change your whole drivetrain (Cassette, chain, jockey wheels and chainrings) which can be expensive


Chain maintenance

Keeping your chain well oiled  is essential for the gears to work well. Chain lube is best applied to a clean chain!

Best way to clean your chain is to do it regularly and use a degreaser to get into all the rollers and plates maybe using a quite stiff brush and some hot water/washing up liquid.


There are many specific chain cleaning products available. I can personally recommend Muc-Off Drivetrain De-greaser and it smells nice.

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Hydraulic brakes

If you use hydraulic brakes you already know how much better than cable operated or rim brakes they are, if yours are feeling a bit spongy when you pull the lever they probably just need a quick bleed. Drop us a line to get your brakes feeling nice & sharp on the levers again. We also supply most replacement pads for disc and rim brakes


Shock/ Forks service schedule

Some suspension manufacturers recommend that some forks & shocks should be stripped

and cleaned every 20-50 riding hours.

This can be unpractical to most of us but regular maintenance of your suspension will keep

it performing well and lasting longer.
A basic oil & seals service is quickly done and not expensive so get yours booked in.

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