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We carry out full service and repairs on all bicycles and ebikes, including:


Hydraulic Brakes, Shimano Di2 & SRAM AXS Electronic Gears, Suspension servicing.

  • Bikes perform best when they are maintained efficiently, keeping them serviced regularly. Your service schedule would all depend on how much you ride and in what conditions.

  • A muddy mountain bike ride will wear parts out on a bike quicker than a dry summertime road ride. So if you ride all year in all conditions you'd get your bike serviced more frequently. 

  • If you only ride once a week in generally good conditions then a yearly check/service would be ideal.

Whether it's wheel truing, spoke replacement or a full custom tubeless conversion, we can cater to all your needs.

Rim replacements. Freehubs. Bearings. Innertubes. 

  • Tyres can be easily damaged during a ride, either by sharp objects in the road or pointy rock edges / thorns whilst out on the trails.

  • Tubeless is a great way to combat punctures, get booked in for a tubeless upgrade

  • Looking after your tyres whether you are tubeless or running innertubes is important, regularly check the sidewalls and tread of your tyres for wear and replace them if needed.

New Parts

If you do need any new parts or upgrades, we can provide top quality brands at highly competitive prices.

Next day turnaround on most orders placed direct via our main UK distributors.

  • Creaking or rattling bikes can be frustrating to ride.

  • Usually these things can be easily identified and fixed by a simple adjustment but if left alone they can become more of an issue as other parts start to excessively wear around the creaky/rattling part.

  • So quick resolution of a small rattle can be a lot cheaper to put right rather than waiting for it to be a grinding noise.

  • If you have a strange noise or rattle from your bike, give us a call and get booked in.

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Crankys was established in Derbyshire 2017.

"Striving to provide first class bicycle servicing, repairs and components at affordable prices."

Available for Corporate 'Green Awareness/Environmental Days', race support and "Dr Bike" sessions for public events.

Cytech level 3 certified, public liability insured with a mobile repair van as well as access to our own fully equipped workshop. We can come to you or you can simply give us a call, drop us a message to arrange all your bike maintenance needs.


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Founded by Tris an avid cycling enthusiast. I had been repairing bikes for myself and friends for decades. 

A keen trail cyclist and occasional endurance event racer, I know how annoying it can be to have a badly behaving bike and simply want to ensure your bike is running smoothly so you get to enjoy the ride. As much as I do! 

I often work alongside bicycle charities around Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire supporting some great initiatives, hoping to get more and more people commuting, learning to ride as well as learning basic roadside mechanics skills.

About us

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Bosch ebike Service centre.


You can find us on the dealer portal.

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